One Unusual Practice That Is Saving Thousands of Relationships Everyday


  • Man-woman intimacy is crucial to long term relationships.
  • Often men have physical issues, reach a certain age, and feel they can't be intimate.
  • Here is the unusual practice that thousands of men are engaging in that lets them consummate intimacy any time, any place, at any age, no matter how long it's been...
  • My Story: how I'm using the unusual practice
  • Case Study #1 -- how Fred is using this unusual practice (single in his 40s with a common health condition that he thought ended physical intimacy forever)
  • Case Study #2 -- how Dino is using it (married for 25+ years and was living with a "dead bedroom" due to lack of ability and issues stemming from low T)
  • Case Study #3 -- how Rosie is using the unusual practice (95 years old with two younger girlfriends)
  • Today I'm sharing the unusual practice with you, along with my entire notebook of romantic discoveries condensed into bite-size pieces for you to use to transform your life and enjoy more intimacy with a woman.
  • Here is how to start using this unusual practice immediately-- I put the unusual practice and over 70 new discoveries I've made for men and women around intimacy based upon 25 years of my notes -- into the landmark book Romance to 120, and I'm also giving you the advantage of bonuses you will love, valued at $662.90, including my first best-selling book (one of the all-time bestsellers on Amazon on health for men), Healthy to 120, completely FREE just for trying out the unusual practice!

How I Discovered the Unusual Practice

My name is Matt Cook and this unusual practice is the biggest discovery of my entire career.

For more than 23 years, I've been researching men's health...particularly with male function and how important physical intimacy is for a man.

Believe it or not, ABC News interviewed me on this subject...on the work I'm doing for men all around the world.

And now over 48,000 men turn to my material on a daily basis to have the most amazing physical connection with a woman from now until they're 120 or beyond.

Like this unusual practice that is allowing men to have a satisfying, loving physical relationship with a woman tonight and every night...

See, I grew up not knowing a whole lot about physical intimacy, and I had a lot of difficulties being with a woman early on...

When it did happen, it wasn't great. It fulfilled a need, but that was all.

And when I got married to my wife, I loved her but I didn't think we were happy romantically.

I was feeling like I missed out on sowing some wild oats...

Feeling bad about not wanting my wife, but just not feeling attracted to her...

So I begin trying different things, like introducing novelty in the bedroom, but it just doesn't feel right...

It feels like I'm just trying to manipulate the situation instead of enjoying being with my wife.

And I promise you, I really wanted things to be better between us.

I was still so in love with my wife -- but I was not romantically connected with her.

So I begin a new journey, where I'm studying tantra and ayurvedic teachers and the work of scientists like Masters and Johnson...

I begin traveling the world, talking to people from every walk of life and encountering extraordinary things...

So many incredible discoveries that I have to start keeping a notebook...two notebooks in fact!

One notebook titled "Romance" and another notebook titled "Health."

And every single health and romance discovery I'm making, I'm putting it into one of these notebooks and studying it to make it my own.

Like this unusual practice that is allowing me to be romantic with my wife in a way that is so much better than it's ever been before.

Instantly, thanks to this unusual practice, my relationship with my wife, Jodi, begins changing for the better...

We start making love a lot more often, as often as we can... and this continues for a long time...

Today, we are physically together at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes or more.

And we just love being with each other! We crave these times to connect with each other on a deeper level.

And I have created a life for myself that I thought I'd never have.

Today, my romantic life is the best it's ever been...

And honestly, it just keeps getting better and better.

The unusual practice allows you to instantly drop the burden of worrying about your performance or how you measure up.

All the pressure melts away, and you're making love for hours and enjoying it more than you can even imagine.

And it's not just me that's experiencing this... there are other men benefiting from the unusual practice too...

And if it worked for me and for all these other men, why not you too?

I'm going to show you proof of the unusual practice in action.

I'm one such example...

Because I was there, not being romantic with my wife at all... and now things couldn't be more different.

We've always gotten along, but now it's extraordinary. We no longer argue or fight or bicker.

We spend more time loving each other, touching each other, bringing each other to ecstasy...

And my oh my, it feels so good. It's out of this world, I can't even explain it.

And when we're in public together, around friends or family, they all say how we act like two teenagers in love...

It's become impossible to deny how connected we are as a couple and how happy we are to be together even after 30 years of marriage.

And everyone keeps asking to know our secret!

Married friends, single friends -- they all want to know about my discoveries that are allowing me to enjoy such a happy, healthy, romantic life.

So I'm sharing the unusual practice with you today...

And I'm sharing both of my notebooks containing all of my landmark health and romance discoveries for men who want to live the way I'm living...

...including the unusual so many more...

I've retitled my notes "Romance to 120" and "Healthy to 120," and you can get both books right now and start transforming your life with this one unusual practice and more

Here's how Fred is using the unusual practice to meet and connect with beautiful women...

(Note that YOUR RESULTS will be different...Fred is a composite based upon some of my students that I am posting here for your benefit.)

I'm Fred and so this is my story...

I'm the guy who married his high school sweetheart right after graduation.

And for a little while, things were great.

But then we had kids and our lives became all about them and we lost that spark for each other...

The romance was completely gone and it wasn't coming back.

So we ended up getting a divorce and much of my life has been about making enough money to support my kids and spend time with them.

And as you can imagine, that doesn't leave much room for meeting women...

And then in my early 40s, I started suffering from annoying pee problems...

One thing led to another...after the procedure, the doc told me that physical intimacy may not be in the cards for me anymore...

Naturally, I was completely devastated and gave up trying to meet a woman.

With my problem, it seemed like a death sentence. I couldn't possibly meet a woman and not be able to close the deal when the time comes.

I was alone, depressed, and struggling with my confidence.

And then one day, I stumble onto Matt Cook's unusual practice...

And this sky-rockets my confidence around women, enough to get back out there and start meeting girls again.

I met a wonderful woman and we have an amazing time.

Thanks to this unusual practice, I can be intimate again.

And that's not all Matt is helping me with...

Matt gave me access to his entire "Romance" notebook containing all of his personal notes and discoveries...

Because you see, after my struggles with my function, I developed this sense of fear around the act...

I was constantly stuck inside my own head and doubting myself -- and it made me very nervous...

...which doesn't help with things down there...

Fortunately, on page 70 of Matt's romance notes, I found help for this exact issue...

It was like I was reading about my own problem. It was just uncanny.

Matt shares this "self-talk" method that works by helping lower one harmful hormone that surges in the brain before a romantic encounter...

I read it, I tried it, and then everything turned around for me in that department.

So now when I take a girl home, instead of getting nervous and doubting my abilities, I feel confident and sure....

I'm also stopping the "romantic leakage" that Matt talks about on page 84.

Romantic leakage is something I didn't even know existed before I read Matt's notes.

And now it all makes perfect sense.

See, there are constantly things all around us in the environment that are draining us of our energy as men...

And Matt knows a way of keeping your romantic energy high so women can feel it...

Because they are attracted to this energy and drawn to it.

It's been a game-changer for me, along with Matt's discovery on page 256 about how to experience more feeling down there.

Turns out, there was one bad habit I was doing all the time and I had no idea it was reducing my sensitivity.

Now I'm feeling so much more and it's incredible -- it's like putting glasses on for the first time and realizing you can see better!

All of Matt's notes are a literal goldmine.

His discoveries are improving my quality of life and my health as a man in ways I couldn't even understand before...

Now it's just like night and day from when I started, and for that I'm so thankful.

I don't know where I would be without Matt and his discoveries, and he's practically just giving them away for nothing!

See what I mean here -- Matt is sharing the unusual practice and all of his notes for a limited time...

Here's how Dino is using the unusual practice with his wife to reconnect romantically...

(Note that YOUR RESULTS will be different...Dino is a composite based upon some of my students that I am posting here for your benefit.)

Hi, I'm Dino and I've been married for more than 25 years to the same loving woman named Tiffany.

When I first set eyes on her, wow....

She was a literal feast on the eyes like that old saying goes.

I married her just a few weeks later.

And we have been madly in love for all this time.

Only, we didn't do much loving for a long time...not physically at least.

We had what I like to call a "dead bedroom" at home...

I couldn't function like I wanted to, as much as I wanted to...

And eventually my wife lost interest.

And that was tough because like I said, I love my wife. So much.

I would never cheat on her or hurt her or do anything to lose her love.

But it hurts not consummating our love for each other...

We never had any children and we have all this time to be together, just us two.

But when you're not connecting physically the way men and women are meant to -- you can't stop it...

You start to grow apart romantically.

And I was feeling like it was my fault because I couldn't perform properly -- I've always struggled with my T and I was pretty sure that it was ruining my function...

And so I just let things be... and months turned to years...

Tiffany and I weren't intimate anymore at all. Just a peck on the cheek to say goodnight.

I started thinking, OK well this is it then. You had your fun while it lasted.

But then I discovered Matt Cook and the unusual practice...

Everything he was saying sounded too good to be true.

Especially for a man like me, in his late 60's and having struggled for so long.

A man who wants to wake up next to a wonderful woman and do what comes natural, everyday or every other day...

Even if one of us is experiencing issues.

I couldn't believe a life of romance could be possible again for me...

But I gave the unusual practice a try... and my loyal, loving wife agreed to help...

And my oh my, it's like we're honeymooners again!

And we are more connected than we have been in years.

It's just like Matt said. Because of the unusual practice, we are so much closer now.

And now, no matter what, I can still be physical with my wife and be intimate with her.

Her interest in being romantic with me has come back and now she is even coming onto me sometimes!

This unusual practice changes everything.

And now I'm benefiting from many of Matt's other discoveries too.

Because he shared his two notebooks with me containing all of his groundbreaking discoveries for us guys...

And I'm going to town with them! They're incredible.

On page 46 in the Romance notebook, Matt shares 5 foods that are helping my wife maintain her desire and readiness for romance...

Because you know as women get older, they go through "the change," right?

And that can be hard on a woman's desire.

But now Tiffany, my wife, I have her eating one or more of these foods every day and now she says she feels like she did 30 years ago.

And I can tell the difference when we are alone together! It's wonderful.

No more dead bedroom for us!

And to make sure, I'm avoiding these 6 popular health fads Matt is warning men against...

These fads can actually lead to a dead bedroom, and I've seen the data Matt has in his notes -- they're the real deal.

These fads (I was doing 3 of them) were actually lowering my T and making things more difficult with my wife. Who knew!

And one of the greatest discoveries in Matt's Health notebook, on page 249, helped me raise my T naturally at home.

Finally I am a man with high T again. And I haven't been able to say that since 1965.

And this T trick is working better for me than anything else I've ever tried.

And believe me, I've tried a LOT of different ways to raise my T.

And now I'm following Matt's advice about avoiding certain masculinity robbers that are hiding in the bathroom and kitchen...

...normal everyday items that most men won't think twice about but that are actually killing our masculinity...

I had no idea how many times I was exposing myself to these toxins and hurting my T.

So there's proof for you that Matt is changing my entire life one discovery at a time.

He's the real deal.

And if you ever have the opportunity to get a copy of his notes and the unusual practice and all that, do NOT miss out.

This stuff will change your life.

Here's how 95-year-old Rosie is using the unusual practice to satisfy his two beautiful young girlfriends...

(Note that YOUR RESULTS will be different...Rosie is a composite based upon some of my students that I am posting here for your benefit.)

Rosie here, and I just had a birthday. Nobody is as shocked as I am.

I never expected to be sitting here at 95 years old telling you about my love life.

I'm lucky that I'm a musician -- I've never had trouble attracting women.

And you know something? At my age, I'm still beating out the younger guys...

With my health AND my romantic function!

In fact, I'm seeing two beautiful women right now and I have Matt Cook to thank.

He shared this unusual practice with me and I have been using it nearly every day to enjoy the best physical relationship possible with a woman, even at my age.

And I'm not stopping anytime soon!

I plan on doing what Matt is doing to hopefully live to 120 and keeping my health until the very last day.

And listen, I'll be honest with you -- I've always had a rather large appetite for the ladies.

And that's never going away, even if I live to 150.

So you can bet on me sharing intimate time with a woman (or two, or three!) until my ticker stops ticking.

And thanks to Matt, my ticker happens to be in excellent shape.

Because on page 23 in his Romance notebook, Matt shares a blood flow activity that I've been using to boost blood flow all over the body...

These blood flow activities are crazy good even for a man my age.

I ran them by my doc and he was fine with me doing them.

I think they really help keep me feeling more alive and more vital than much younger men.

And speaking of keeping up...

I used to worry about keeping up with the younger women...

So now I'm using this one supplement Matt discovered (page 5 in the notebook) that is keeping my drive high and I'm feeling like a teenager....

I'm always feeling randy now and it's fun living this way and the girls love it!

Now they are always telling me about how I'm better than the younger guys they've been with.

And you won't find me complaining!

The girl and I do things in an interesting way that I never did before -- shown on page 160 -- that delivers more fun and is easier on my joints.

Usually, I suffer from constant joint pain and soreness from carrying my amplifier and equipment after playing gigs...

Then Matt sent me this special report on a powder that makes it much easier for me to carry my heavy equipment to the stage...

...and now I don't feel it in my lower back and legs.

And there are dozens and dozens of incredible nuggets inside Matt's notebooks.

And I'll tell you, Matt's discoveries are simply life-changing.

You may think you're in good health, you've got good function, everything is fine...

But then you try just one or two of Matt's methods and see how much better things can be.

And why not make things better?

If you ask me, Matt's notes are priceless. If I had to value them, they would be worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

Yet he is basically giving away his best discoveries for almost nothing...

That just goes to show you the kind of man Matt is and how he just truly enjoys helping men like me out with our health and romantic life.

If you have a chance to benefit from the unusual practice and all of Matt Cook's notes, you are one lucky man.

Go for it and don't look back. You're going to love the journey.

Here's What Men Are Saying About the Unusual Practice and Matt Cook's Other Discoveries Made Over 25 Years

As a man, I always have this grave thought at the back of my mind going: "You don't have much time left, are you going to do everything you wanted before the sand runs out?"

But this...has allowed me to live with confidence again. ... I have regained the energy and drive to do what I could only dream of before.

-- Laimonas

Your wife will thank you.

Matt...has a lot of specifics that you can use if you have blood sugar issues or have prostate problems or manly issues.

-- David

This...explores [a] healthy lifestyle without resorting to drugs, unnecessary procedures and which supplements to take.

I can vouch for the effectiveness.

-- Steven

I was astounded. My wife and I hadn't been physical with each other in months. What Matt offered me was an alternative route to get my sex life back on track.

-- Jonathan

A one-stop shop when it comes to living a long happy functional life well into your hundreds.

-- John

Matt, I want to thank you for...the most awesome, life-transformation information I have ever discovered.

The journey you have sent me on is never-ending and as I continue to work your program my life will continue to transform as I progress. Thanks again, Matt.

-- Jim

It is priceless. every man and women should have [this], what a wonderful world this could be Thank you

-- William

Matt Cook is a genius! Let me warn you, this info is not conventional. Everything Matt talks about is backed up by proof and facts but it's surprising how little people know about this stuff.

If you're serious about improving every aspect of your life and living life to the fullest (not just chugging along), I

-- George

Matt, your informative advice is greatly appreciated.

You...identify specific deficiencies–and potential conflicts between physical sources–which most men know nothing about.

Amazing that we are not told of these basics when we are young guys!

-- Rob W.

Hi Matt, you rock!

Thank you for all your scientific research studies, biohacks, and hidden gems.

Keep up the good work.

-- Chase

First of all, can I just say this: Your products are stunning.

Just stunning.

Insightful, clear, deep, and very indicative of the HEART that you put into them.

Congratulations and thank you.


-- Armaan

Matt, I want to thank you for putting together the most awesome, life-transforming information I have ever discovered.

After taking several of your courses I have enough information to last me for the rest of my life.

The journey you have sent me on is never ending and as I continue to work your program my life will continue to transform as I progress.

Thanks again, Matt, and I look forward to taking further courses from you.

-- Jim S.

The best thing that has happened to me this year is you inspiring my SEX life to be most honest I very grateful, Matt God bless you and your family.

Your Student

-- Angel