(Note that YOUR RESULTS will be different...Dino is a composite based upon some of my students that I am posting here for your benefit.)

Hi, I'm Dino and I’ve been married for more than 25 years to the same loving woman named Tiffany.

When I first set eyes on her, wow....

She was a literal feast on the eyes like that old saying goes.

I married her just a few weeks later.

And we have been madly in love for all this time.

Only, we didn't do much loving for a long time...not physically at least.

We had what I like to call a "dead bedroom" at home...

I couldn't function like I wanted to, as much as I wanted to...

And eventually my wife lost interest.

And that was tough because like I said, I love my wife. So much.

I would never cheat on her or hurt her or do anything to lose her love.

But it hurts not consummating our love for each other...

We never had any children and we have all this time to be together, just us two.

But when you're not connecting physically the way men and women are meant to -- you can't stop it...

You start to grow apart romantically.

And I was feeling like it was my fault because I couldn't perform properly -- I've always struggled with my T and I was pretty sure that it was ruining my function...

And so I just let things be... and months turned to years...

Tiffany and I weren't intimate anymore at all. Just a peck on the cheek to say goodnight.

I started thinking, OK well this is it then. You had your fun while it lasted.

But then I discovered Matt Cook and the unusual practice...

Everything he was saying sounded too good to be true.

Especially for a man like me, in his late 60's and having struggled for so long.

A man who wants to wake up next to a wonderful woman and do what comes natural, everyday or every other day...

Even if one of us is experiencing issues.

I couldn't believe a life of romance could be possible again for me...

But I gave the unusual practice a try... and my loyal, loving wife agreed to help...

And my oh my, it's like we're honeymooners again!

And we are more connected than we have been in years.

It's just like Matt said. Because of the unusual practice, we are so much closer now.

And now, no matter what, I can still be physical with my wife and be intimate with her.

Her interest in being romantic with me has come back and now she is even coming onto me sometimes!

This unusual practice changes everything.

And now I'm benefiting from many of Matt's other discoveries too.

Because he shared his two notebooks with me containing all of his groundbreaking discoveries for us guys...

And I'm going to town with them! They're incredible.

On page 46 in the Romance notebook, Matt shares 5 foods that are helping my wife maintain her desire and readiness for romance...

Because you know as women get older, they go through "the change," right?

And that can be hard on a woman's desire.

But now Tiffany, my wife, I have her eating one or more of these foods every day and now she says she feels like she did 30 years ago.

And I can tell the difference when we are alone together! It's wonderful.

No more dead bedroom for us!

And to make sure, I'm avoiding these 6 popular health fads Matt is warning men against... These fads can actually lead to a dead bedroom, and I've seen the data Matt has in his notes -- they're the real deal.

These fads (I was doing 3 of them) were actually lowering my T and making things more difficult with my wife. Who knew!

And one of the greatest discoveries in Matt's Health notebook, on page 249, helped me raise my T naturally at home.

Finally I am a man with high T again. And I haven't been able to say that since 1965.

And this T trick is working better for me than anything else I've ever tried.

And believe me, I've tried a LOT of different ways to raise my T.

And now I'm following Matt's advice about avoiding certain masculinity robbers that are hiding in the bathroom and kitchen...

...normal everyday items that most men won't think twice about but that are actually killing our masculinity...

I had no idea how many times I was exposing myself to these toxins and hurting my T.

So there's proof for you that Matt is changing my entire life one discovery at a time.

He's the real deal.

And if you ever have the opportunity to get a copy of his notes and the unusual practice and all that, do NOT miss out.

This stuff will change your life.